Monday, 3 April 2017

The Crying Boy by Jane E. James

The Crying Boy

TheCryingBoy #blogtour #bloghounds @bloodhoundbooks @JaneEJames #review #suspense 

#TheCryingBoy #blogtour #bloghounds @bloodhoundbooks @JaneEJames #review #suspense 

The synopsis:

Clayton and Avril Shaw have lost their little boy and are still grieving when they move into Swallow's Nest on the Yorkshire moors. In their new house Avril discovers a painting and is intrigued by the history surrounding it. When she learns that the boy in the painting was deaf, like her dead son, she starts to try and communicate with his ghost. Meanwhile, Clayton finds himself entangled in an equally undesirable friendship with a retired fire chief who knows more about the painting than he is prepared to let on. Is The Crying Boy painting cursed and can numerous house fires be linked to it? Struggling with their unstable marriage, the couple find themselves in further danger as an increasingly disturbing bond develops between Avril and The Crying Boy. In a twist of events Avril's irrational behaviour is brought to a dramatic halt when she discovers she is pregnant. With her affections once again restored for Clayton, she decides to dispose of the sinister portrait. But the cast off painting wants revenge and its anger towards Avril's unborn child might just prove immeasurable. Can Avril and Clayton live happily ever after or does The Crying Boy have other plans?

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The Crying BoyThe Crying Boy by Jane E. James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is by far the creepiest, chilling reads I have read this year to date.

Its sadness surrounds Clayton and Avril who sadly lost their little boy. They are still grieving when they decide to move house.
They take up residence in the Yorkshire moors in a home called Swallows nest.

But in the house Avril discovers a painting. This has captured her curiosity, so she explores further only to find the painting is of a boy not disimilar to her child she is grieving for and once more, the boy in the painting was deaf just like her son.

Her grief takes her on a journey including the atmospheric and chilling complex history relating to the painting that hit the papers THE CRYING BOY.

I think I have been hiding under a rock as until now, this is the first I hear of this painting which took me on a Google search.

I love this authors books, she 'does it for me everytime' keeps my intrigued, interested and alert despite having supernatural overtures in this one, which I usually steer clear of as I am easily disturbed. I was totally hooked.

Chills ran down my spine plenty of times and the hairs on the back of my neck stood out.

Fab read which I would highly recommend.

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