Monday, 1 February 2016


Where the Dead Walk: Links and blurb:

A TV ghost-hunting crew. A haunted house. An unimaginable crime. A past buried deep... 

An Amazon US/UK Kindle Store Top 100 Bestseller: #1 Ghosts & Haunted Houses - #1 Occult - #1 Ghosts - #1 Paranormal. 

For some, ghosts are no more than the wounds loved ones leave in their wake, haunting the living only with their absence. Others take a more literal view... 

Kate Bennett, presenter of paranormal investigation cable TV show, 'Where the Dead Walk', isn't sure what she believes, other than she seems cursed to lose all those closest to her. 

After investigating a neglected cliff-top house, empty for a decade because it's 'haunted', Kate is convinced a spirit within holds the answers to a childhood she can't remember and an unimaginable crime. 

What she can't know is that the house's owner, Sebastian Dahl, is searching for something too, and he intends to get it, whatever the cost. 

And Vessel:

Forget all you know.
History hides the secret.

An International Amazon #1 Bestseller in Kindle Thriller and Mystery

Running for her life, carrying a secret with the potential to change what it means to be human, Holly Reilly calls the only person she knows with the skills to keep her alive: her estranged husband Gabriel. 

Caught between two deadly adversaries, Holly and Gabe are drawn into a secret, centuries-old conflict, one poised to spill into the modern world, threatening chaos and bloodshed. 

A breathless blend of action and mystery, faith and fanaticism, Vessel exposes an unwritten history stretching back to the Crusades, medieval Europe and feudal Japan as it races to its final explosive conclusion. 

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