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Endless Possibilities by Silke Ming

Endless Possibilities  -  SYNOPSIS

When Skye Lark rolls into the town of Cherry Hill in her Ram

Pickup truck to occupy her new home, she meets Rory Ellroy and

Charlie Higgins, whom she immediately considers to be hillbillies, but little does 

she know that behind that country-looking exterior, are two studs who will steal 

her heart.

Rory and Charlie have been life-long friends and have shared everything. The two 

young men help her to bring her home back to its natural beauty and in the 

process all three become lovers, but Skye is not everything she appears to be, 

and by chance, Rory finds out more about her than she is willing to divulge.

When Charlie is offered an architectural position in Alaska, Rory delves into work 

as an artist, but although Skye is still by his side, he misses Charlie, and a trip to 

Alaska brings the three lovers together again.

Sequel to Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities: Call of the Heart

When Skye and Rory relocate to Anchorage to join Charlie Higgins, life starts 

anew for the three lovers. Charlie’s career as an architect soars, and with Margie 

Pemberton’s help, Rory becomes a success in the art world. Margie is the 

wealthy wife of Charlie’s boss, but she shows an unusual amount of interest in 

Rory which does not sit well with Skye and Charlie. They think she is a cougar 

whose sole interest is getting Rory into her bed.

Charlie sets out to investigate Margie and in a conversation with his father back 

in Cherry Hill, what Charlie learns shocks him. He confronts Margie with what he 

has learned, and finds out that her reasons for helping Rory are quite the 

opposite from what he believes. Rory is becoming reckless in the relationship, 

bringing friction in the household, but a few words from Charlie sets him back on 

the right path.



I have always loved writing. I started out with poetry and then graduated novels. 

Not a day goes by that I do not do some form of writing. I have written six 

fictional novels, and when time allows, I try to read at least two books per 

month, thanks to the convenience of the E Reader which makes it easy to shop 

the bookstores from the comfort of one’s home.

In addition to my love of books, is my love of travel. Although my career was in 

travel, I am still bitten by the travel bug, and travel whenever I can. I have lived in 

The Caribbean, Italy, India and Germany, and now make Canada my home. 

If I were to leave Canada for another destination, it would be to live in New 

Zealand, because I find the culture and landscape breathtaking. My two other 

passions are gardening and cooking, and I consider myself a gourmet cook.

I am new to the romance genre and it has been quite a challenge, but as you can 

see from my list of titles, it has become one of my favourite pastimes.


Q.     Who is Silke Ming?

         She is a lady who loves to laugh. She knows what she wants from    

life and sets out to get it. And no, I am not Chinese. This is a question 

that I am constantly asked. Silke is actually a German name and I never 

miss an episode of the TV cook, Ming Tsai.

Q.     Why did you choose the romance genre for your book?

         I had always thought that erotic romance novels were written by 

older men hiding in closets somewhere. I was surprised to find out that 

most of the romance authors were female, who were proud of their craft.

Q.     How many romance novels have you written so far?

         I think that ‘Josephine Revisited’ is my thirteenth novel. Gosh, I 

hope that number thirteen doesn’t mean anything superstitious.

Q.     Are you superstitious, Silke?

        Let me put it this way. I will not walk under a ladder, nor will I 

allow a black cat to cross my path and I am always wary of Friday the 

thirteenth. Does that make me superstitious?

Q.     What was your inspiration for your latest book, ‘Josephine Revisited?’

         This is actually the sequel to a book I wrote last year. It was called 

‘Possessing Josephine,’ and dealt with the topic of female genital mutilation. 

I decided that readers would probably be interested to know the outcome of 

the case that the daughter had brought against her mother. 

Q.     Why did you choose the Romance genre to tackle such a sensitive 

          It may not seem like the right platform to advocate matters as 

important as this, but since the romance market is geared toward females, 

and there are many female romance readers who have never heard of this

Inhumane practice being perpetrated against women and young girls. 

Q.     When did you first hear about this practice?

          I was actually on my first visit to West Africa when I heard about it. 

This is so ingrained in the culture, that young women are preyed upon and 

no one is ever prosecuted.

Q.     Do you think that speaking about it on this forum will make a 

         Who knows? At least women who are not as fortunate as we are will be 

more aware of this horrible practice that is still being imposed upon women.

Q.     Silke, what are your pleasures in life?

         I am an avid gardener. As soon as the spring thaw is gone, I am one of 

the first persons out there trudging through the slush in the back garden. 

Traveling is my passion and I love cooking. I will proudly say that I consider 

myself a gourmet cook.

Q.     So what is your favorite cuisine?

         Thai. I love the Thai flavors.

Q.     You seem to have traveled extensively. If you had to choose one place 

in the world where you would rather live, where would that be?

         Without a doubt New Zealand. That country has the most breathtaking 

landscapes and the New Zealanders are the loveliest people I have ever met.

Q.      Where would you like to travel to next?

           I would like to visit Cuba. I have been there on three occasions, but it 

was always on business, and I would like to really see it again before it 

changes and is over-run by tourism.

Q.       Have you any regrets about your life? Or is there anything you 

wanted to do or wished you had done?

          I wish I had learned to play the violin. I envy people who took the 

time to learn the instrument and are so good at it.

Q.     Who is your favorite author and why.

          I love the Austen sisters, Charlotte Bronte and Charles Dickens. I have 

been reading these authors’ books since I was a little girl and I have lost 

count of the times that I read Jane Eyre. 

Q.       Do you have a favorite romance author?

           I don’t have a favorite, but there are several of them whose books I 

love and that includes some Siren authors. 

Q.     Lastly, Silke, what does your normal day look like?

         I wake up around nine thirty in the morning, have breakfast which my 

husband prepares. We sit there and watch the variety of birds and wildlife in 

the garden. I make lunch around two and then I start to write. We never have 

dinner, because lunch is usually pretty substantial. Later in the evening I 

watch my cooking shows and if time permits, I get my E Reader out and try 

to read some of the books I’ve bought and haven’t yet read.

Thank you, Silke.

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