Thursday, 28 January 2016

Iain King - Last Prophecy of Rome

Iain King - Last Prophecy of Rome

I’d like to wish a happy publication day for action-packed, gripping 

conspiracy thriller Last Prophecy of Rome by Iain King.  Iain’s 

first novel Secrets of the Last Nazi came out last year and 

caused a storm and got some fabulous reviews.  

Here’s a bit about the book and the author:

Last Prophecy of Rome

An ancient empire. A terrifying threat to the World’s Superpower. 

Only one man can stop it. 

ROME: Maverick military historian Myles Munro is on holiday with 

girlfriend and journalist Helen Bridle. He’s convinced a bomb is 

about to be detonated at the American Embassy. 

NEW YORK: A delivery van hurtling through Wall Street, blows up, 

showering the sky with a chilling message: America is about to be 

brought down like the Roman Empire. 

Juma, an African warlord, set free by the Arab Spring, plans to 

make it happen. 

When a US Senator is taken hostage, a chilling chain of events 

begins, and Myles finds himself caught in a race against time to 

stop Juma. But, he’s not prepared for the shocking truth that the 

woman he once loved, Juma’s wife, Placidia, has now become a 


An electrifying edge-of-your-seat thriller that will have you coming 

back for more. 

About Iain King

Iain King has worked in warzones, politics, teaching and 

journalism. In Afghanistan he served alongside both of Britain’s 

most senior casualties, and in more frontline bases than any other 

civilian. He is one of the youngest people ever to be made a 

Commander of the British Empire (CBE).

Once a student at Oxford University and later a Fellow

Cambridge, he has given talks at the UK’s Defence Academy and 

lectures to the Royal United Services Institute. He now leads the 

UK Government’s research unit on conflict, and writes a column 

about military history for a

popular monthly magazine. Iain King has also been a professional 

speechwriter for high-profile figures, a journalist, and a report 

writer to the UN Security Council.

He is already the author of two very successful non-fiction books, 

Peace at Any Price: How the World Failed Kosovo, How to Make 

Good Decisions and Be Right All the Time. The Myles Munro 

books are his first works of fiction.

Iain wrote his first novel Secrets of the Last Nazi almost 

entirely in secret - a double- life he kept from both his wife 

and children, and his employers and coworkers - until just 

days before publication, when a friend accidently broke his 

cover with an innocuous post on Facebook, which caused 



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