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The Premise
On June 20th, 2016 the full moon rises over the Eastern United States and a quarter of the population in the light of that moon transform into werewolves. They in turn, kill about a third of the remaining population in the US.  There are no warning signs and many people are caught off guard as they are attacked by strangers in large venues or their own loved ones in their homes.  The werewolves are vicious and predatory, with a mindset bent on killing non-wolves around them, though unlike the folklore and myths, they can be killed through normal damage without relying on silver or other special methods. 

This incident only impacts the people within the continental United States, except for the state of Missouri.  The rest of the world is not affected, but they have to deal with the questions of the event and how to handle those who turned. The short stories in Nation of the moon follow those affected and the challenges they must face as the next full moon approaches.
Johnny Craft:
He could never imagine hurting anyone, but on that night he wasn’t himself.  The savage side was unleashed and now he has to deal with the repercussions of his actions.  His judge and jury are seated in his own mind and he will carry out their verdict
Aaron Farrow:
A harrowing tale of survival centered around four long-time high school friends. This group of geeky pals have finally accomplished the impossible- they have survived high school. Now they are faced with an uncertain future. What will they do? Will they still be able to be friends? When one of their group is about to leave town for good to chase his college dreams, they decide to get together one last time. Unfortunately for them, this night out includes a full moon. Caught outside in a scene straight out of a horror film, the gang must take refuge in the very same high school they just graduated from. Who will survive and what will be left of them?
Cody Grady:
The Madman sits atop a lonely hill, watching the world burn below.  A voice in Hell, he calls out to no one.  His only response is Silence.  Dead Air.  Racked with indecision and guilt, Charlie cannot stop the screaming, the Voice.  Will he submit, or can he overcome the Fear to step off the ledge?  Tune in to The Last Turn to find out.  A horror story by Cody D. Grady, part of the Nation of the Moon Anthology.
Matthew Heslop:
You spend your life protecting your kids from the world but what happens when you need to protect the world from your kids?
Casey Little:
Story 1:
A lone Park Ranger, struggling to fit in, thought that life really couldn't get any worse. But on one fateful night she was going to find out that there was something worse than her nightmares. She would now have to come to terms with the fact that life had just become a survival game. 

Story 2:
Zack is a young boy scout and dinosaur lover who wanted to grow up to be just like his dad. As the son of young parents life couldn't be better, even if his mom worked long shifts at the sheriff's department or that his dad looked scary to all of his friends. Life was pretty sweet, just like the birthday cake his mom was hiding in the oven for his birthday tomorrow. 

Zack would learn from an early age that sometimes, the lemons life gives you can be rotten.
E.M. Nelson:
The morning after his anniversary, Steve Shipman wakes covered in his wife’s blood with no memory of the night before. Upon discovering that it is not an isolated event, he must work with his sister-in-law, Kim, to unravel what has happened and get his daughter to safety, even if it means sacrificing himself to do so.
Marie Newbold:
It can be difficult enough to hold a family together. Brothers argue, spouses may disagree on big issues, and sometimes a wife has major differences of opinion from her mother-in-law. If the older brother suddenly changes into a werewolf and attacks his younger sibling instead of playing the video game, difficult suddenly becomes nearly impossible.

The Holcomb family doesn’t stop trying though. They have a month until the next full moon, and they all agree that the brothers must both be protected. Three adults means three different ideas of what needs to be done, and the brothers each have their own problems. Sometimes, though, only family can make it through the trouble to good times after. Sometimes.

Author info:

Name: E.M. Nelson
Location: Vilseck, Germany
Title of your story in the book: Dark Assent
Other hobbies/ jobs: Painting, Reading, Promotions Coordinator for FIGID Press, Mother to 5 beautiful children, International traveler.
Favorite Author: Robin McKinley- She is the one who inspired my love of reading!
Favorite Book: I love most books… almost all of them. It’s hard to pick just one.
Where do you write?
Mostly in my office, which doubles as the homework hub, dining room, and crafting area in our tiny apartment. I do also enjoy writing at the park while the kids run wild. I have also been known to write in bed, though this is highly annoying to my husband, so I try and avoid it at all costs.
How did you get inspired for your piece?
I read the promo description as I was feeding my youngest daughter and the possibilities of what would happen to a family man thrust into this situation exploded in my head.
Favorite line or moment of your story in Nation of the Moon:
I am ready to die, ready to be done with the feelings that are doing to my insides what the scientists have done to the rest of me. I don’t know if there is life after death, but I am ready to find out.

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Twitter: @emnelsonauthor

Name: Cody D Grady
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Title of your story in the book: The Last Turn
Other hobbies/ jobs: Podcaster, The Rancor’s Brothel, comic book nerd, video games, tabletop RPGs, writing, theatre, member of the Indy GAA
Favorite author: Jim Butcher
Favorite book: American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Where do you write?
Anywhere I can find.  In basements, at my desk at work, in a factory, while lying in bed.  Anytime the inspiration strikes, I try and write it down.  It’s the second most important thing a writer can do… the first being to finish your story.
How did you get inspired for your piece? 
In my mind, horror has to be small, intimate.  I’m not a huge proponent of massive scale apocalyptic events because the individual experience gets swallowed up in the chaos of the happening itself.  The terror is always strongest when it is confronted alone with no one else to confirm or deny what happens before your very eyes.  So I strove to find a personal, isolated story within the whirlwind of chaos that is Nation of the Moon.  It struck me how distant life seems when a conversation is completely one sided.  When silence is your only sounding board, those creeping, crawling introspective thoughts may not provide the answers you want to hear.
Favorite line or moment of your story in Nation of the Moon –
I cannot know, will never know.  My voice might just echo through eternity only to fall on deaf ears.  Dead ears.  The last human voice raising a cry of protestation that no one will ever hear.  

Name: Casey Little
Location: Concord, NC USA
Title of your story in the book: “Lone Ranger” and “Boy Scout Nightmare”. 
Other hobbies/ jobs: Writing, drawing, fishing (Both salt and freshwater), singing, playing the piano and mandolin (though I’m not that good at either one.)
Favorite author: Jim Butcher and David Baldacci (Can’t pick one!)
Favorite book: Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher
Where do you write?
Anywhere and everywhere it really doesn’t really matter. I can write in my bedroom or in a restaurant or even during my college classes. (I haven’t been caught yet J) 
How did you get inspired for your piece?
I think it was instant. My mind works very quickly using the first words that pop into mind. (Which were girl, boy, forest, and closet.) From there I had to bridge the gap between them and all that was left was to develop the personalities of the characters, write dialogue and then type it. Taking things that you see every day and incorporating into the life of the situation (or what you’re writing about) makes it seem more realistic. 
Favorite line or moment of your story in Nation of the Moon –
“I sat straight up in bed. “What was that?”  I didn’t really remember what it was that woke me but whatever it was it was really loud and high pitched. All I knew was that it scared me out of a dead sleep. I felt my heart jump up into my throat and my stomach knot. I didn’t know what this feeling was but I didn’t like it; not at all.”
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Name - Johnny Craft
Location - Indianapolis, Indiana
Title of your story in the book - "An Open Letter from Maxwell Denton"
Other hobbies/ jobs - Comic Books and Martial Arts
Favorite author - Grant Morrison
Favorite book - "SuperGods"
Where do you write? 
 I have my own office, where I create all my magic.
How did you get inspired for your piece? 
I sleepwalk sometimes, and I've often wondered how I would react if I did something horrific during those times where I have no control over myself.
Favorite line or moment of your story in Nation of the Moon –
"I wanted to help save lives, only to fall victim to a mysterious, involuntary brutality. How is that fair? "
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Twitter - @CavemanCraft

John Graham
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Title of your story in the book: We Interrupt this program
Other hobbies/ jobs: Book publishing, Comic Book writing, Helping others realize their goals of creating books.
Favorite author Book – Douglas Adams
Comics – Garth Ennis
Favorite book-
Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Any Encyclopedia Brown book by Donald J. Sobol
Where do you write?
Could be anywhere.  I typically handwrite a quick version of what I’m thinking and then expand on it when I type it into the computer.
How did you get inspired for your piece?
I love the idea of something big happening on one side of the world or country and then moving toward my location, much like on New Year’s Eve.  In this age of technology, we can see what’s coming better than ever before and that can make things much more scary if it’s something bad.
Favorite line or moment of your story in Nation of the Moon –
Reports have arrived from Utah where Temple Square has been overrun by wolves.  The Las Vegas strip is in chaos at this time.  We should have video in just a few minutes.
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