Monday, 8 June 2015

Release: Loving Night by Brynette L Turner


Loving Night: Dream Catcher Series – Book 2 by Brynette L. Turner

Chaz took a desk job at the FBI to protect the woman he loves from the psychic connection that

pulls her into the middle of his dangerous investigations. Yet, when he is forced to lead another

undercover assignment, she must be the one to keep him safe.

They think they understand how her predictive dreams work; but neither of them anticipates the

way her gift is evolving. Nighttime dreams turn into daytime visions. Knowledge of what is

happening with Chaz turns into an acute awareness of what other people are feeling. It’s new.

It’s unpredictable. Neither of them understands these changes until an old enemy that she fears

appears in new dreams.

Paul Watkins still wants Chaz dead. As Chaz and Stephanie work more closely on this new

dangerous mission, it’s clear that there is no room for failure. They must bring this man to


With danger moving closer to home, the threat becomes greater than ever. It only makes

Stephanie and Chaz more determined. No one will destroy the life they are building. No one will

weaken their bond. Every night they spend in each other’s arms only makes them stronger. But

will they be strong enough to survive Paul Watkins and the evil that always surrounds him?

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Authors Bio:

Biography:  Brynette L. Turner

Brynette Turner writes contemporary romances and African American romances, and has 

recently written two novels in a paranormal (psychic) romantic suspense series. Premonitions, 

Dream Catcher Series - Book 1, was the first installment of that series. Loving Night, Dream 

Catcher Series - Book 2 is the latest addition, published June 1, 2015.  

She's the author of Detour, Time for Tenderness, Monica's Healing, Premonitions, and Loving 

Night. With decades of ideas and half-finished novels that were pushed aside while she pursued a 

different career and raised her children, she's eager to share her talents with the world. She's 

currently working on three projects to be released before the end of 2015. Brynette writes about 

romance with the occasional steamy sex scene and honestly believes in love at first sight, the 

perfect match, and happily ever after. 

Brynette is the mother of two grown daughters, lives in central Ohio, and is trying desperately 

not to become the Crazy Cat Lady even though she loves the animals, has two, and can't resist 

feeding any strays that wind up on her doorstep. When she's not busy trying to keep her furry 

children from laying on the keyboard while she's typing, she's tutoring with a literacy program or 

volunteering as a political advocate. For fun, she likes to sit in the sun with a fishing pole or her 

Kindle, cook, or visit the local casino. 

You can always find her on Facebook, Twitter, or her website 

(, where she shares updates on her work and occasionally 

posts reviews of other books that she's read.

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