Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Do Not Disturb Blog Tour

Do Not Disturb Synopsis:
A seductive affair is twisted by secrets in the latest Salon Games novel from the author of Over Exposed.
To the outside world, Dane Connelly is the playboy heir of a media mogul, his life a series of one-night stands with no commitments. Only in the Salon does he satisfy his darker urges with willing partners. Life was perfect…until his best friend fell in love. Now Dane knows exactly what he’s been missing—and exactly who he wants.
Talia Driscoll enjoys creating perfection. She loves bright, glittery parties and fairy tale weddings. But she knows the illusion is short-lived. Nothing lasts forever and everyone lies to get what they want. After all, she lies about her true identity every day.
After an explosive night at the Salon, Dane is determined to sway the reluctant Talia to be his completely.  But the secrets that keep them apart are at odds with the erotic passion that draws them together…
Praise for the Salon Games novels:
“Ms. Julian gives the readers what they want and so much more.”—Fallen Angel Reviews
“An emotionally charged journey filled with lust, betrayal and secrets.”—RT Book Reviews
Stephanie Julian Bio:

Stephanie Julian writes sophisticated, sultry romance for the adventurous reader. She’s a reformed reporter with a BA in English and a perpetually messy house (and no real desire to do anything about that).
She’s happily married to a Springsteen fanatic and is the mother of two sons who introduced her to the joys of Slipknot, Warped Tour and never-ending headaches.

Do Not Disturb Excerpt 2

“I don’t think my ass is ever going to be the same. Jesus, I must be getting old.”

From the passenger seat of his car, Talia laughed, the sound making his cock harden, even though the 

pain running down his flank made him wince.

“You did go down pretty hard, but you were doing really well up until then.”

“Says the woman who didn’t fall once.”

She shrugged, her expression haughty and fucking hot. “What can I say? I’m just that good.”

“Yes, you are.”

He knew she understood his double entendre because she blushed. Even though it was too dark in 

the car for him to see it, he knew she was. He could tell by the way she glanced away and then back 


“So can I take you out for a drink?” The rink didn’t serve alcohol and Dane didn’t want the night to 

end yet. “We can go to the hotel bar, or tell me what you’re in the mood for and we’ll find a place.”

She hesitated, as if weighing her options. Had he pushed for too much, too fast?

“Would you like to come up to my room for a drink? A bar stool probably wouldn’t feel too great on 

your abused backside right now.”

“I’ll be sure to thank you for that tomorrow morning.” Hopefully after spending the night in her bed 

again. Which he was smart enough not to say out loud. “And the bruises were worth it if you had fun.”

Her lips curved again. “I did. I miss skating. Thank you for tonight, Dane. I had a great time.”

“I’m glad.” He reached for her hand resting on her leg and lifted it to his mouth to press a kiss 

against the inside of her wrist.

It was an unconscious gesture but one that felt right. Especially when she shivered but didn’t pull 

away. Her skin felt soft against his lips and her scent made him want to brush the hair away from her neck 

and bury his nose there.

Christ, if he didn’t watch it, he’d wind up a love-struck fool like Jed. And Tyler. And Greg.

Holy hell, his friends were dropping like flies. And if he wasn’t careful, he’d end up just like them.

Or maybe he’d just be very, very lucky.

They made the rest of the drive to Haven in silence, which didn’t have a chance to get awkward 

because they were only minutes away.

They took the elevator to her floor and Dane fought the urge to pin her against the elevator wall and 

kiss her until she melted against him.

He realized he wasn’t used to this sense of vague insecurity creeping into his gut. Especially not 

when it came to women.

He’d always been good with women. He knew what to say to them, how to get them to smile or 

laugh or fall into his bed.

He was especially good at getting them to cry out his name when he fucked them.

Talia made him work for every sigh. And damn, that made him so fucking hot.

But he’d already told himself not to push her because she’d run.

He had no idea why. His rudimentary background search had turned up her Roller Derby past, the 

fact that her mom had moved here with her and her younger brother when she was younger, and where 

she’d gone to high school and college.

He hadn’t dug any deeper because he’d felt it would be a breach of privacy. And frankly, he wanted 

her to tell him. Wanted her to talk to him. Wanted to find out everything there was to know about her.

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