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CXVI The Beginning of the End by author Angie Smith

CXVI The Beginning of the End by author Angie Smith

Who will survive? 

When the murder of a colleague is linked to a series of suspicious deaths, Detective Superintendent Greg Woods’ team are tasked with solving the mystery. New to the team is Maria Barnes, whose besmirched character sadly precedes her. However Woods quickly discovers there is more to the detective sergeant than meets the eye: her skill level, knowledge base, and investigative talents far outshine his own formidable qualities… 

And why is the Secret Intelligence Service so interested in Barnes and the investigation? 

It’s a race against time to stop the killer, but he’s meticulous, cunning and ruthless. He leaves the police and intelligence service questioning if they are all out of their depth… 

When forces contrive against them, Woods’ life hangs in the balance and for the first time in his career he risks breaking the rules… He and Barnes decide to go it alone to uncover who or what CXVI really is… The shocking truth lies at the heart of the Government and is trapped deep underground. 

Feedback includes: 

'Fast-paced and absolutely gripping!' 
'Refreshingly brilliant!' 
'Ripe with intrigue' 
'...Barnes, I love her and want to be her' 

Authors Bio

Angie Smith was born in Doncaster and educated at Huddersfield University where she 
graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Education and Training. After a long career in 

adult education, training and performance management she retired early to pursue other 


​She travels extensively, and was nominated for an award for her knowledge transfer partnerships 

work, when she co-produced and presented a journal article at the International Social Work 

Conference in Durban. 

​Unfortunately in 2013 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and following a year of extensive 

and gruelling treatment her desire to write was rekindled. The novel, CXVI - The Beginning of the 

End, is the first in this crime thriller trilogy. 

​She currently lives in West Yorkshire with her husband, youngest son and two dogs.


  1. I'm so grateful to Sue for this lovely feature!

  2. I'm so grateful to Sue for this lovely feature!